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Patrick Robinson
SDOT workers were on site and placed safety traffic cones around an 18 inch sinkhole that formed on 35th SW on March 29.

Sinkhole forms on 35th SW; Road not scheduled to be repaved until 2023

A sinkhole capable of doing serious damage to a car formed on 35h SW on Wednesday March 29 in the 7300 block of 35th SW. The hole about 18 inches across and clearly over a foot deep formed at the edge of the northbound lane, next to the turning lane.

SDOT briefly closed the road and workers at the site said they could not estimate how long it might take to repair since they needed to consult with Seattle Public Utilities who were coming to to assess what the exact cause of the hole was.

35th SW, especially at the the top of the hill near the Myrtle Street reservoir has suffered this past winter with numerous pothole and rough pavement making driving a bit of an obstacle course.

The road is the subject of a Safety Corridor Project that completed its first phase in 2015 when the stretch from Roxbury Street SW to just south of Morgan Street SW was converted to three lanes and the speed lowered to 30 mph. The second phase is due to be completed this year converting that segment too down to Edmunds Street SW. Those updates will include pavement repair.

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